Babbage released

This week Babbage was a released! It's a tool I made at work and am now able to share it with the community. If you un-Base64 data this tool is for you. Well it does that and many other things. It's a way you can convert data from many different formats. Google was nice enough to share it on their Open Source blog. It's a web app hosted on App Engine and made with Closure.

I'm actually porting it to AngularJs so you can expect that soon along with some new features. Thanks everyone for checking it out. Feel free to peep at the source code too.

Image processing with Python

Recently I made a Python script to do some image processing. A friend had to do a lot of file unzipping, scaling and image processing. It was a major pain so I threw something together. Thought I'd share it so everyone could see how easy this stuff is.

Play YouTube inside of Gmail chat

If you ever wanted to watch YouTube while inside of Gmail this Chrome Extension is for you. What this does is take over your 'Tasks' popup box and place a YouTube video or playlist in that area. The point is I like to watch and sometimes listen to YouTube videos. It's sorta a pain to have two tabs open when I'm working in Gmail. So this Chrome Extension will put a page action button that when hit will ask you for a YouTube video or playlist URL. Then that video will popup inside your Gmail and everyone is happy.

Apps Script on tablets

Hi everyone! I recently was invited to do a guest blog post on Google's App Developer blog. The topic was for a recent solution I made for my family's business, Rasmus Auctioneers. They manage shipping their auctions while on-site and from a tablet. So to do this I had to make something pretty easy and using as much automation as possible.

How to create a Chrome Extension

For a while now I wanted to explain how I created my first Chrome Extension. I wanted an extension that would maximize YouTube videos inside the browser. We'll go over how to use manifest files to load page actions and call our content scripts. Each is gone over and is really pretty simple once you see it in action. Hope you enjoy it.

Connect to Gmail with Apps Script

A recent hangout I did. Take a look! It shows how Apps Script can access Gmail. It's really neat. In this example we create a spread sheet and have it display emails from your inbox. It'll also highlight the messages that are starred. We'll come back to this example when we learn how to connect contact forms to spread sheets. Hope you enjoy.

Connect Google Calender to Spreadsheets using Apps Script

Learn how to easily connect your Google Calendar to your Google Spreadsheet using Apps Script! There's a Hangout on Air video I did along with posting the source code. Hope you all enjoy :)