Google I/O 2010 Review of Day 1

Unfortunately for me I'm unable to watch the I/O live but I am keeping up to date with their latest updates. Let's take a look at what has been announced so far.

Google App Engine for Business

Google's App Engine is now up for grabs for businesses. Want to build an app without using your own server? Use this. They have also joined up with VMware, using the Google Web Toolkit you can deploy your application to Google App Engine for Business or a VMware environment or even Amazon's EC2 service.


WebM is an open web media format project. Soon to be a part of HTML WebM is a high-quality, web-optimized video codec, that Google is contributing under a royalty-free license.

Google Maps API v3

More about Maps API v3 noted here.

Web Font Loader!

Also Google is teaming up with Typekit to once again help the web community overall. With HTML5 we'll all have a much easier time loading fonts with different browsers. Think what jQuery did for JavaScript.

Google Wave is now no longer invite only!

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